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The moment you tell people your pregnant, they are full of parenting advice. Don’t eat this. Eat lots of this. Breastfed babies are smarter. When starting solids, start with this. Rub lavender oil on her to calm her. He should have warmer clothes on. And yeah, maybe that worked for you or your child. But that’s the thing not one single person is the same. Not one single situation is the same. They say oatmeal should be the first solid food they try, well guess what that kid is allergic to oatmeal. That kid just got his doctors in medicine and he wasn’t breastfed! Every human reacts differently to the same discipline.

All humans are different. They all react differently to different situations. Different personalities. Different experiences.

The biggest advice you’ll ever read is this. Really read into, understand the whole situation, take it all in. Then if YOU (as the parent) haven’t figured it out what’s best for you and your family then ask, ask someone, a group of people. You most likely will get a response from someone who has been in a “near” situation and they will tell you what worked or didn’t work for them. Just remember people love to give parenting advice out, but you are the only one who truly knows your child and what’s best for them. But it’s okay if you need a little help but only if you need it! Don’t ever believe your not parenting correctly, hey ’cause if you’re trying that is good enough!

You as the parent have the best parenting advice, you just need to unbury it, you know what’s best!

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Sharing is caring!