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This is the story how Mason became terrified of the dentist, who he has been seeing the past 5 years.
Let me just start off by saying he absolutely loved going to the dentist and sat still in the chair by himself since he was a baby. We love the office and really like the ladies that work there, and our only complaints were they are always behind(at the least a 15 minute wait) and the dentist over books herself and usually only spends 2 minutes with each patient.

We went in last week to get two “spots” removed. Usually they have the parent sit outside the room but they let me stay in with him and I’m so glad I was in the room. It was going smooth up until they gave him the shot in one side, he started squirming(just a little I will add) and would not let them go back in his mouth. The dentist was EXTREMELY harsh on him for not holding completely still. Yes, I know it is very dangerous but seriously the kid was hardly moving and it seemed like she had NO experience talking to children. We sat there for a few minutes to see if he would relax and let them go back in his mouth, but they had hygienist in and out getting stuff from the cupboards in the room, so relaxing was not working. I almost think she was so over booked that she didn’t have the time to try and convenience him to let them get the work done.
The dentist literally told him “you cannot have a toy or popsicle” and the poor kid was just crying through the whole experience. It was horrible.

So, I posted something on my facebook about it and got many responses. A bunch with horrible experiences with her as well. Even had someone guess who I was talking about and said she went to the same dentist as a child and she was very mean. I just couldn’t believe it and felt so bad for Mason.

Yesterday, Mason went to a new dentist. No wait, pretty much had the place to ourselves. But Mason was pretty scared. They got him to sit in the chair and were able to look in his mouth but once they pulled out instruments he freaked.
So, in a couple weeks we get to take him to the hospital to get anesthesia, xrays and get the cavities worked on. Thank you Dr ……  for scarring my kid!!

I’m hoping he will get over the fear of the dentist in time. When we left the new dentist office with his toy in hand said “they are so kind for the toy”!

Sharing is caring!