Terry’s Berries and Our Weekend

This weekend we headed to a local farm to pick some berries and get some fruit and veggies. When we got there found out they don’t do pick your own berries but we still had a great time. We walked around the whole farm, we saw goats, ducks and fed chickens. Mason had so much fun we had to go back to the chickens one last time before we left. And then went to their little store and bought some local organic produce. Such a great new experience for Mason we’re going to go back this weekend or find another farm that you can pick your own berries, I’ve really been craving strawberry’s.

Mason loved feeding the chickens!
The rest of the weekend we celebrated Daddy’s Birthday early with his parents, had cake and ice cream and he got his Xbox and games he has been wanting for a while. We went to the beach but it was so muddy we didn’t get very far and just threw rocks to the water.

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