Summer in review…so far 7/3/16

chambers bay sunset

Well school has officially been out for a week and a half, and we have absolutely been loving it!! Nothing better than summer break; no early morning school rush, no stress about getting a phone call from school, no homework, grilling a couple times a week, the sunshine…

I’m making a point this summer to get outside(or out of the house) as much as possible. My goal for summer is to make the most out of our time! We have plenty of projects, a long summer bucket list, I want to have as much fun as possible but also try to stay in budget. Read below (or just take a look at the pictures) of what we’ve been up to so far. Have you done anything fun so far this summer?


We’ve spent a great deal of time outdoors, playing at the park, beach, swimming, and walking so far. The weather has been perfect, sun shining but not blazing hot, sometimes a light sweater is needed. Never-ending yard work.

I’ve been busy planning – scheduling in some of our summer plans. Like my solo trip to Los Angeles for my first ever blog conference; I’m both excited and very nervous, I’ve never flown by myself and it’s been a while since I’ve had more than a day to myself. Be sure you’re following my social media accounts to watch my adventure. I was very torn about bringing Mason with me, but decided against it and for the next one he can come 🙂 I’m also planning a mini vacation to Silverwood/Northern Idaho, camping trips and a couple day trips here in the PNW! I want to have a memorable summer but at the same time not drain the bank account.

kobayashi parkladybug

This was the 3rd year we’ve went to the Fircrest Strawberry Feed, I love local town’s annual festivals. We ate tasty strawberry shortcake, listened to a live band and played at the park. Fircrest always puts on great events! fircrest strawberry feedflintson selfie

Isn’t the PNW beautiful? We are very fortunate to live here. We live 2 hours away from a Mountain(Mt Rainier) and less than 5 minutes away from many beaches. sunnyside beach park

Being a boy mom means your life involves a lot of dirt and dirtiness. This is the dog park at Chambers Bay, where he’s pretending to be another dog, and you say things like “just don’t crawl on wet sand or watch out for poop”. Yes, that’s the life of a boy mom, where you have to remember letting your boy play in dirt means there shouldn’t be any arguing over taking a shower/bath 🙂chambers bay dog parkchambers bay sunsetsnapchat curly hair

Another thing we also plan on doing a lot this summer is going to the theater, there are so many good looking movies coming out. We also saw Finding Dory, which I didn’t write a review of. But it was very good, Mason and I both loved it.

Hope you have a fantastic 4th of July!!!

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