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Help your little ones celebrate this holiday with a little bit of Irish flair! Check out Freshly Picked’s three new festive styles.

We love Freshly Picked shoes in our house, they are so adorable and high quality shoes.

When shopping for the best shoe for baby, these are key;
1. Skip any sort of support – their little feet are still forming so as natural to the barefoot as possible
2. Comfort – they should be comfortable for them to wear
3. Durable – nothing worst then spending money on a shoe that doesn’t last

Their Moccasins come in fun and cute designs, as well as solid colors. Sizes range from 0-9, you can find the sizing chart here. Freshly Picked not only sells soft-soled Moccasins, but Sandals (sizes 3-12) as well as Hard-Soled (sizes 7-13). Designs for boys, girls and unisex.

Right now the ST PATRICK’S DAY styles are on sale, save $15

Luck of the Irish $60 $45St Patrick's Day Freshly Picked moccasins styles Roy G. Biv Mary JanesSt Patrick's Day Freshly Picked moccasins styles Pot of Gold $60 $45St Patrick's Day Freshly Picked moccasins styles

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