Someone had a birthday?!

Yeah, someone turned 7 on the 7th of the month, golden birthday! Can’t believe I’ve been a parent for 7 years already, time flies. We celebrated on a Tuesday after school with a ham dinner, family(and a neighborhood kid), egg hunt and homemade cakes.

{Fyi: this is our dollar store decorating, the dollar store is the perfect place to buy your party supplies, I’ll take a $1 over $3 any day especially when the stuff gets thrown away afterward}

DSC_0733[1]DSC_0742[1]DSC_0741[1]DSC_0749[1]{Not to toot my own horn but my cakes were awesome, as usual 😉 The chocolate oreo I’ve made before but this time I tried a lemon raspberry cake for my mom, it was very good but very sweet!}

DSC_0751[1]DSC_0758[1]{My sister, my mom, myself and niece. Not the best picture of me, I really need to stop wearing my hair up}


Mason’s birthday week, to be continued….

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