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I’ve written before about Mason’s health and how the last two springs/end of winter have been for us. And earlier this year I shared we had to seek help and that my son was diagnosed with a mental illness. I wanted to be open about that, because there’s nothing to be ashamed of and we didn’t want to hide behind it.

Cognitive behavior therapy has worked out wonderfully for us, his counselor is great and has given us so much helpful advice.

We also got him on a 504 plan and the school has worked with us tremendously and choose the perfect teacher for him this year. She has truly been a blessing for us, most importantly Mason. He’s able to use techniques and objects to help him day to day.

A great read by Understood. The Difference Between Tantrums and Sensory Meltdowns. These happen to us a couple times a year and like the article says “To manage a meltdown, help your child find a safe, quiet place to de-escalate.” And his counselor literally just gave us this tip last month but find that safe spot right when you arrive, because anyone who’s had to deal with it knows there is no way of talking with a child in a meltdown stage.

Receiving a diagnosis was the best thing we could have received, it has opened up so many doors for us. The 504 plan and his laid back teacher have made it so he doesn’t fall behind and/or miss too many days of school – huge improve from last year. Visits with the counselor we’ve learned a thing or two, just because you are a parent doesn’t mean you know everything! Most importantly it has taught us so many ways to cope with him or teach him how to cope, what his triggers are and how to avoid them. Even though I still feel we are learning, it is a huge improvement from last year.

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Sharing is caring!