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Similasan Allergy Eye Relief

Similasan Allergy Eye Relief


One of my favorite seasons is spring; sunshine, warmth and nature’s beautiful colors. I love watching the flowers and trees bloom! It can also be one of the most miserable times if you suffer from seasonal allergies, like so many do. My family suffers from allergies and they are not fun, especially during peak times during the spring.

I’ve written a post in the past about ways to manage seasonal allergies with a child, although the tips would work for an adult as well. Living with seasonal allergies you can’t get away from them so in order to still live an active and social life, you need to learn how to manage them.

During peak times when tree pollen is moderate-high my son’s allergies flare up so bad his eyes get swollen shut, red and itchy. No matter how hard we try to manage it, pollen still finds a way into his eyes. The only relief he can get is with eye drops. He’s always very hesitant when it comes to eye drops so when we tried Similasan’s Allergy Eye Relief I was very surprised to see him be completely okay with it. It’s easy to apply, doesn’t sting, easy to carry around and it gives us instant relief. I like how you can apply as needed because the first drop doesn’t always get all the way in the eye when you have a fearful kid. I’ve learned if you have a child who is afraid of putting the eye drops in, you can have them close their eyes and you still put the drop near the edge and have them blink a ton afterward.

Similasan Allergy Eye Relief has no harsh chemicals, antihistamines or vasoconstrictors.  It helps temporarily relieve the symptoms of redness, itching, burning, watering and stimulates the body’s natural defenses. Unlike leading eye drops you can use Similasan Allergy Eye Relief as often as needed as there are no known side effects or contraindications. It also comes in a Single-Use package so you can easily take with you on the go. 

Similasan Allergy Eye Relief is formulated with natural active ingredients like Eyebright flowers and Sabadilla Lilly. Both are flowers, therefore they are plant based.

•Eyebright (Euphrasia) is intended to temporarily relieve minor symptoms such as a thick mucus and/or watery discharge, redness and swelling of the eyelid.

•Sabadilla is intended to temporarily relieve minor symptoms such as watering eyes and eyelid redness.


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Where to purchase Similasan? 
Similasan Allergy Eye Relief typically retails for $6.98 at Walmart, prices vary by retailer. To find other retailers in your area visit

Similasan also sells products for Eye Relief, Ear Relief, Cough & Cold, Nasal & Sinus, First Aid, Sleep & Stress, Baby and Digestive.

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