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We just got back from Idaho and visiting Silverwood Theme Park. We had a blast and thought I’d write about our time and give some tips to anyone thinking of going.

Silverwood is located in Coeur D’Alene (it took me a long time to get the spelling down lol) Idaho, right outside Spokane.  We spent almost the whole day there, if I did it again I’d buy a 2 day pass and especially if you had really little ones that need a lot of snacking and naps. The park wasn’t crowded at all but a few of the “popular” rides had a bit of a wait, our weather was perfect couldn’t of asked for a better day.


Honestly, parking wasn’t too expensive. $5 the whole day. Some may complain because you have to walk, but for goodness sake you have to walk throughout the whole park and it wasn’t bad at all.

Food & Drinks

No outside food or drinks in the park. They did let me bring in an unopened water bottle, so don’t forget to bring one and keep hydrated.

To save money you can leave your meals in your car and just get a stamp and come back but again that’s extra walking.

We ate at the High Moon Saloon and it will be the last time we do, for the price McDonald’s would of been 100% better, service was awful(feel for the only waitress working, but where was the manager to help?). Don’t forget your ID if you want to get a drink, they wouldn’t serve my mother-in-law a beer!! Our whole experience with the Saloon was a joke that day.

DON’T leave the park without getting a cone or bowl of ice cream at the Ice Creamery! AMAZING! A single scoop was equivalent to 5 scoops somewhere else for under $5!!



For the 10 hours we spent in Silverwood we only went on a handful of rides. Had a great time but wish we would of had an extra day to do more rides. Most lines aren’t bad at all.

All the rides are included in the price. Love the water rides but save those for when you want to cool off, or you will be walking around in wet clothes.

I will warn you of the roller coaster Timber Terror, first off the line was long. This is when being able to bring in snacks would of helped (hungry kids, a granola or fruit/veggie would of been nice)! Back to the point, when we got up to choosing which car to ride in half of us made the mistake of choosing the last car on the coaster(should of been a red flag since there was no one waiting in line) DO NOT RIDE IN THE LAST CAR ON THE TIMBER TERROR! Our neck/back hurt so bad not to mention I was more scared on that ride then the upside down coaster.

DO ride the train with the show on it, very cool. Mason was so convinced it was real!


Save this for a hot day or when you want to cool off! It is crowded. They should make it mandatory children under 8 wear life vest, not enough lifeguards, parents not paying attention.  Beware the waves in the wave-pool are cool but can be very dangerous, they have life vest to use for a reason :)  They have lockers throughout the park, make use of them so you don’t have to carry around your stuff.

Great price for a whole day of fun!

Souvenirs and shops were reasonable.

Discounted tickets can be bought online(Silverwood website), Costco occasionally or keep an eye open for sales on Groupon, Living Social, ect.

If you’re looking for more tips for visiting Silverwood Theme Park with kids, check out my other post here.

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