Scholastic’s A Drop of Hope by Keith Calabrese

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Scholastic’s new book A Drop of Hope by Keith Calabrese is a heartfelt novel for kids ages 8-12 that teaches empathy and hope.

A well. A wish. And a little drop of hope. Times are tough. Jobs are scarce and miracles are in short supply. But something strange is happening in Cliffs Donnelly, Ohio An old well has suddenly, impossibly, begun to grant wishes. And three sixth graders are the only ones who know why.
Ernest Wilmette believes a good deed makes magic happen. Ryan Hardy thinks they should just mind their own business. Lizzy MacComber believes in facts, not fairy tales. Of course, you don’t have to believe in wishes to make one. As more wishes are made, the well’s true secret gets harder and harder to keep. Ernest, Ryan, and Lizzy know they can’t fix the world. But in their own little corner of it, they can give everyone a little hope…one wish at a time.

We have two copies of A Drop Of Hope, Mason keeps one at school and the other copy we’ve been reading together at home. We love how the book is told from multiple points of view and we get to know what’s going on in all the characters minds. The book is geared towards both boys and girls; with a hint of magic, a missing treasure, and unexpected friendships. It’s an easy read and keeps you wanting more. I really love that it teaches empathy, and shows that a single act of kindness can create waves and remind us how powerful a little hope can be. This is the sort of book I love my son to read and surround himself with uplifting words.

I’ve got a challenge for you! It’s very simple, are you up for it? Let’s all spread a little kindness, empathy and hope into the world and simply smile at your neighbor. #SpreadHope #ADropOfHope

I’ve asked Mason what he thinks about the book so far and he says this is a “Feel Good Book!”, he likes the way it makes him feel after reading it and that he likes how he can relate to the kids in the book.

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Where can you purchase A Drop Of Hope?
Scholastic’s A Drop of Hope is available to purchase in the kids section wherever books are sold. Retails for $16.99


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