Satisfy your sweet tooth with Once Again Organic Amore Almond Spread with Milk Chocolate

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The employee-owned business Once Again Nut Butter makes delicious honey, nut and seed butters. Their nut and seed butters are all Certified Gluten-Free, Non-GMO Verified, Certified Organic and vegan. They follow Fair Trade and Sustainability standards for their farm partners, suppliers and prices. Best of all delicious!

Once Again Organic Amore Almond Spread with Milk Chocolate is smooth, taste amazing, chocolate over powers the almond. Pairs perfect with so many foods; from spreading on toast to drizzling on ice cream. It has less of a nut flavor then other nut and chocolate spreads we’ve tried, my son claims he hates nuts but LOVES Once Again Amore Almond & Chocolate Spread. Get the same health benefits of eating almond butter just with an extra added ingredient that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Sustainably made and sourced, this gourmet dessert butter is healthier than other dessert butters. Made with organic cane sugar and no palm oil! No plastic jar which is another plus in my book.

Other ways to enjoy the spread; you could whip it up and dip graham crackers in(and/or fruit), stir a tablespoon or two into brownie mix, drizzle on popcorn, frosting on a cupcake. Find tons of recipes on their page.

You can find the gourmet dessert butter in squeezable packs as well, perfect for school lunches or traveling.

We’ve tried quite a few of the nut and seed butters by Once Again, they’ve all tasted great! They do another gourmet dessert butter which taste just as good, Amore Hazelnut Spread. And you can get both the hazelnut and almond spread with white cocoa butter.

Last week we made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches while vacationing at Great Wolf Lodge. It was perfect for those hungry and exhausted bellies!

What’s up with the raccoon?

Their raccoon logo is named Rocky and is named after the famous Beatles song Rocky Raccoon. It was inspired by four baby raccoons that were found on their factory grounds, they were raised on organic nut butters and then released back into the wild.


Where to purchase?

You can find Once Again Amore Almond Chocolate Spread and other Once Again products at natural food stores throughout the United States, and Check out the full list of locations at 12 oz jar of these gourmet dessert butters typically retails for $9.99  |  facebook  |  twitter


Disclosure: I received this product for free from Moms Meet to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links.


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Satisfy your sweet tooth with Once Again Organic Amore Almond Spread with Milk Chocolate