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As a “lifestyle” and “parenting” blogger, I decide every day whether to showcase our lives on the interweb. Somethings are harder to decide if I should keep personal or write about it. Take the subject this post is focused on, at first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to broadcast it completely but then I thought there is nothing to hide or be ashamed about.

My child was diagnosed with a Depressive Disorder. He’s very intelligent, social, caring, strong-willed, determined, but also has his struggles. Just like a lot of people do. Well, we needed to seek help and guidance and I’m so thankful we did. We want him to succeed in life. There is nothing wrong with having depression or any other mental health, the sooner you realize that the better. You are NOT weak, you are strong!

He’s had his struggles for some time now, but the end of the last school year we decided it was time to seek help. He’s currently been doing cognitive behavior therapy all summer and really hoping it helps during school, because that is where we see a lot of behavior problems, he gets very irritable. I just want him to grow up responsible, independent and the best he can be.

What is Depressive Disorder? Characterized by sadness or irritability that is severe or persistent enough to interfere with functioning or cause considerable distress. Although in childhood the more persistent symptom is irritability rather than sadness. Depression runs in our family but I have actually never seen it in a child, only adults. After getting the diagnosis and reading all the symptoms and info, has really helped put some of Mason’s struggles in perspective. It is a nice feeling finding a pathway!
A mental illness is not something to be ashamed about and the more people speak up and recognize it, the better. I love my child and nothing will ever change that!

2016 will be the year to focus on my families mind, body and soul! 

Sharing is caring!