Wow, talk about time flying by! It’s been OVER a month since I’ve been here, life has been to say the least chaotic! I’m making a point not to plan too much for the month of March, we need a low key month. Here’s a word dump of everything that’s been going on with us, if you want to see photos of our last month go check out my instagram account.

We’ve been busy planning our surprise trip to California! We have a full week of fun planned, can’t wait to celebrate Mason’s 7th “golden” birthday at Disneyland!

Washington has been having such a warm sunny beautiful winter this year, although it makes me a little scared, yesterday and today have been in the mid 60s, yes the beginning of March!! The cherry blossoms and daffodils are in full bloom. So, naturally we have been spending a ton of time outdoors.

The PGA US Open coming to my town. I don’t even know where to begin. When it was first announced that it was coming here summer 2015 I was excited but now I feel differently, it’s fast approaching and so it’s becoming real. Residents can’t rent out there lawns, sell stuff outside there homes. Even though I’m still pretty close to Chambers Bay, I’m glad it’s a mile away and not living right next to the golf course. We will probably lock ourselves in the house for those few days and not drive anywhere 🙂 All the closures, which some I understand but then it completely SUCKS for us residents especially with children during the spring/summer. First the only beach in University Place will be closed here on the 16th of March and let me just remind you the tournament isn’t until June! Luckily the playground will stay open until May 26. BUT then after the tournament everything will reopen in phases, they think lasting til September. “The golf course will open first, then the trails and lastly Central Meadow and the beach area”. The playground BETTER BE opening with the first phase or there will be a lot of pissed off parents! Considering it doesn’t look like we will be able to access the beach until September, AFTER summer has ended!!!! So, no movies at the park this summer 🙁 Read the whole article here at the News Tribune! It’s going to be a mad house around here, probably the whole month of June!


Our last month has been to say the least “eventful” if you want to call it that. My sweet/strong-willed child started having issues at school, his personality has started testing others beside his parents. To see how much he can control the situation. Thinks he’s always right and will get mad at you if you try to correct him. Strong-willed children should not be prescribed medications, they just need to be understood, so teach everyone around your child how to communicate with them. If your child starts having “issues” at school, I highly suggest setting up a student assessment team meeting or at least talk to the counselor. You will learn a lot about your child and also wonderful advice from the school counselor. It will help a lot, everyone will get a different view and come up with plans. It will put your stress level at a little ease 🙂


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