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Practice Mindfulness with Zafooz

Practice Mindfulness with Zafooz


Practice Mindfulness with Zafooz

Mindfulness is the state of being conscious or aware of something such as your feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations. It is such an important thing to teach and start practicing at a young age. Zafooz are plush animals that help children practice daily mindfulness.

Zafooz and Mindfulness

Zafooz cushion’s are a great way to introduce mindfulness to your child, by practicing mindfulness it helps improve brain function and provide relief during stressful times. Zafooz come in 6 different designs that have sweet, peaceful smiling faces to remind your child that it’s safe to slow down and take a breather. Your child is able to practice their breathing with this soft plush animal. It helps relieve overwhelming emotions, anger, frustration, reduce hyperactive behaviors and improves concentration.

Mason and Piper approved!

We’ve been practicing mindfulness with Mason for a good majority of his life; he’s got focus issues, irritability, gets overwhelmed, and frustrated easily. It’s taken him(us) many years of what works for him and what doesn’t. He’s in a great place now and still practices mindfulness. Zafooz would of really helped him in his early years but he did say the Zafooz is very nice to hug when he’s felt annoyed lately and he sat on it a few times to practice yoga with me. I’ll agree the Zafooz are so soft and squishy.

Piper immediately fell in love with the plush animals, and it’s been awesome teaching her to just take a minute and slow down. We love reading books on our Zafooz’s, practicing yoga and mediation. If you’re looking for great resources, check out Zafooz website.

Zafooz is a great way for your little one to practice mindfulness either by themselves or with a group. Practice for 5 minutes a day or longer. Teach them to recognize when they just need a “break”, grab their Zafooz and sit down, take their mind off the world. Or just grab a book and cuddle with your Zafooz!

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