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As you may know if you’re following me on my social media accounts, this past weekend I was in Los Angeles for a blogging conference! I got invited to an advanced screening of Pete’s Dragon, which comes to theaters this Friday August 12th.
I loved the original Pete’s Dragon and often find myself humming Pete the magic dragon lived by the sea…. so of course I was thrilled to be watching the new version. But shhh don’t tell Mason I watched it without him because he really wants to see it! We’ll be going back this weekend for the first time ;)

Disney’s Pete’s Dragon was an amazing movie that both adults and children will love!! This is a film that adults (even without children) will fall in love; laugh, smile and cry tears of joy and sadness!
The story starts fairly quickly and so your child won’t need to wait long until the adventure begins! That is something as a parent I always look for in a non animated film, well parents you don’t need to worry with Pete’s Dragon. For parents of sensitive children, I did not find the film scary at all, not even the dragon. Keep in mind there is a spot your child may get upset, (spoiler) when they are trying to capture him. Otherwise you will laugh, fall in love with Elliot, the set/scenes are beautiful, actors did a fantastic job as well as everyone who worked on the film. The film is only 1 hour and 45 minutes long, for any children whom get antsy in longer movies.
I strongly suggest seeing it with or without your family, you won’t be disappointed!

Go on an adventure with Pete’s Dragon August 12th!

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Disclosure: I was provided with a ticket to see Pete’s Dragon this past weekend, from Disney. However, all opinions expressed here are my own.

Sharing is caring!