Parenting – learn from my mistakes

parening mistakes

parening mistakes

Don’t you just hate when someone tries to tell you how to parent? I sure do. Then again if I would of listened, most of these “lessons” wouldn’t be written here. And I understand parenting is all about trial and error. So, instead of me trying to tell you how to parent, here is my list of stuff I/we learned the hard way in the past 7 years.

  • We only did the co-sleeping the first 2 weeks of Mason’s life so I have no personal advice on that. What I do have personal experience with is “laying with your kid until he falls asleep”! And honestly my opinion with this isn’t so bad to an extent; it’s a time to relax & wind down, enjoy each other, cuddle and watch your child be calm lol. The downside to starting this; it won’t just be every once in a while, it will be every night, your child will refuse to go to bed without you laying there, they will not learn to self sooth themselves to sleep. Not only that you will most likely fall asleep with them and then wake up a couple hours later and have lost your “me” time and time spent with your significant other. Believe me this is still our struggle, every couple weeks he will ask me to lay with him, and I slip and fall for it, then for the next few nights he begs(makes me feel guilty) so we battle for the next couple nights.
  • That $1 hot wheel at the check out, yes run past it! It is awesome to spoil your child with that awesome toy or candy every time you go to the grocery store. It’s a life saver for a easy trip to the store. That’s just it that $1-2 treat will lead to so much more, because face it children do not know the meaning of money. That $30 Lego set cost the same as that $1 hot wheel. Not only the cost, it will not teach them anything about earning money to get that reward. Rewards don’t just magically appear in your hand, they are earned!
  • Teach them at a young age to help the family around the house, at least a little. That you are a member of the family not their slave. As they get older they won’t expect you to do everything for them and you shouldn’t have to, make cups in arms reach for them to get water themselves, ect.
  • Entertain themselves. This is something we struggle with DAILY! Mason just doesn’t know how to entertain himself without an electronic. And a 7 year old should be able to do this. I kinda blame myself a little for this, I never taught him to do this, I was always there to play with him, entertain him and when I would get a little break it would be putting on the TV. Step back each day, let them play by themselves, something they have thought of to play with, that doesn’t include a screen, learn from my mistake.
  • 2 hours screen time – still something we struggle with, it is hard to break habits, as a stay at home/working parent it is very difficult to limit screen time to 2 hours when you need to get things done and can’t entertain your child all day. Read above!
  • Yes, you want to be there for them all the time but really they need to learn independence. Let them live. Let them fall. Let them lift themselves up.


Parenting can be very difficult when there isn’t a manual for it!! What is one parenting advice someone gave you that you wish you would of listened too? We’ve all been there, no ones perfect.┬áMost importantly no matter what type of parent you strive to be, children are all different with different personalities and they get to decide what type of adult they become. Just try your best that is all they ask for. Best of luck with your parenting adventures!

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  1. When we have our first child none of us can be told what to do, we think we know what we are getting into and want to do it our way, I told Kathy that she should let Sydney-May entertain herself but no Kathy always had to play with her and entertain her and now she complains that her girls Sydney-May & Summer never play on their own

    1. Yep, we are in the same boat as Kathy! It’s been a “learning” summer for Mason, as we have been trying hard to play with him less – as bad as that sounds, he has been practicing entertaining himself ­čÖé

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