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Millersylvania State Park – 5 tips for camping with kids

We’ve been gone what feels like 2 weeks with just a couple days at home; first camping and then an ocean trip. I am ready to get our routine back in order for a bit! Our camping trip to Millersylvania State Park went wonderful, we had a blast! This was Mason’s first camping trip and …

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Love your curls

If you would of asked me to write this post about 10 years ago, I probably would of said no. I didn’t necessarily hate my curls because that’s a strong word but I definitely didn’t like having naturally curly hair. A hair straightener was my best friend! It took years to truly appreciate my natural …

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Disneyland 2015 – part 2

Our fun continues. Check out part 1 if you haven’t already. Our next three days we chose to spend it at Disneyland, we liked more of the rides and it wasn’t as crowded. Our first day waiting on the rides to open we turned around and were standing right next to Andrew Bynum, way to make …

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