Not your typical home tour

Thought this would be the perfect day to publish this ’cause we I’m busy cleaning house today, not really what I wanted to be doing on my vacation day. It REALLY needed it though, we are landlords to a ton of people who randomly stop by so it’s really embarrassing if the house is a disaster, like it always is!!

Are you tired of looking at people’s “magazine” worthy homes? Don’t get me wrong I do love looking/reading about your beautiful perfect homes, for the split second I’m envious and jealous, 5 minutes later after I’ve cleaned up the toys thrown everywhere and stared at my empty filled walls that I’ve been meaning to buy frames and put pictures in, I remember in about 5 more minutes the house will be completely destroyed again.

I’m just here to remind everyone of us with less than perfect picture homes that your not alone. And we don’t fall asleep each day exhausted from cleaning every second 😉 ‘Cause in honesty they either don’t have children, are OCD about cleaning/organizing, the mess is just hidden behind the camera, and/or can afford a housekeeper. The only thing(s) I make sure to do daily is; throw trash out, 50% of laundry is in the basket, mostly empty kitchen sink(some days are better than others), kitchen counters are clean and my house is good to go!! No more comparing; I am just grateful we have a roof over our head, multiple ways to cook food, a bed to sleep in, electronics to play with.

What’s the point of couch pillows? This is the state you can find our couch every second of the day! The dog is hidden under that blanket(her favorite)



We try, we really try to eat at the dinner table daily but it ALWAYS seems to be the catch all spot!



The kitchen counter usually has a bunch of more random stuff on it. But do you like the old 70’s style that has never been updated(house doesn’t belong to us so we aren’t going to update anything hehe) 😉20140723_123853

Look my kid doesn’t have any matching furniture!! And you know, he could care less!



And lastly, anyone else’s closest look like mine?  (I need a one of those home organizer shows to come in and do it for us!) Notice one of the doors is broken, yes it’s been like that for as long as I can remember! Oh well! Not stressed about it.


So, if your expecting a “Home & Garden” home, don’t come to ours!! 🙂

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