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I’ve always enjoyed reading National Geographic magazines, fascinating stories and beautiful photographs is what always sucked me in. I love that they came out with National Geographic Kids because you’d often find stories and photos in the original magazines that weren’t necessarily kid-friendly. With National Geographic Kids families can explore the world through their books, magazines, website, television series, apps, games and events. National Geographic Kids makes reading fun and interesting even for someone who doesn’t loving reading.

National Geographic Kids newest print, which is a seven-book series, Explorer Academy: The Nebula Secret. These books will have touch core subjects such as geography, STEM, exploration, history and world cultures. We’ve started reading this book and we love how it not only just tells a story but it’s engaging with puzzles, code-breaking and makes us problem-solve. It has a nice large text, and colored pictures throughout. It’s fact-based fiction, inspired by real-life adventures of real National Geographic explorers, and each book features a Truth Behind the Fiction section and profiles real explores and their work. The series is geared toward ages 8-12 years old. On the Explorer Academy website you can watch the video book trailer, sneak previews of the characters, games and more. There is also a sweepstakes where one lucky family will win a trip for four to Alaska’s Inside Passage from National Geographic Expeditions.

National Geographic Kids Almanac is the most popular kids almanac. It has so many beautiful and vibrant photographs, amazing facts including Cool Thing in 2019, 19 Good & Bad Facts About Superstitions, 19 Amazing Facts About Vikings, Fun Quizes and so much more. We’ve loved reading all about the facts in this book and some of them we even searched online for more information. We leave the Almanac on the living room table and Piper constantly grabs it and makes me read it to her and then she’ll take a turn to read it, it’s cute! Did you know bananas and suitcases are not allowed on board most crab-fishing boats because they are believed to bring bad luck? The National Geographic Kids Almanac typically retails for $14.99. Check out the almanac website for a video of a real-life lion conservationist in the field, lion quiz, plus details on entering the Lions Forever Almanac Challenge poster contest.

Both The National Geographic Kids Almanac and Explorer Academy are available to purchase on Amazon, Target, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Hudson Booksellers, IndieBound, Powell’s or where books are sold.

Don’t forget to enter the sweepstakes where one lucky family will win a trip for four to Alaska’s Inside Passage from National Geographic Expeditions.


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