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galaxy s7

We did it, my husband and I finally upgraded both our S3 for the Galaxy S7! We had our S3’s for over 4 years and they still worked okay, so we had faith in the Samsung Galaxy phones!! My husband is always making fun of me, because I have this nice camera but most of the time I choose to take cell phone photos. It’s just so much easier to haul around your phone, but my S3 just didn’t have the best photo quality. Honestly, that’s the number one reason I wanted to upgrade. We’ve had the phones about a week now, we’ve got to play around with it a bit and so far we are in love. Check out below for our pros and cons of the Samsung Galaxy S7.

•Photo quality is amazing! I was not disappointed at all. Very easy to figure out even the settings, they have preset shooting modes such as “Selective Focus, Slow Motion, Food” and more. The photos come out so clear and crisp, even taking a pic in a dark room or directly looking at the sun, without you having to manually change all the settings, it automatically does it for you. “The first smartphone with dual-pixel technology has a fast autofocus so you can say goodbye to blurry photos and a new advanced sensor for catching details in low light.”
•Let’s talk about the charging and battery life. One word: WOW! It charges very quickly and I can’t believe how long the battery last, I can go all day without a single charge in between, with watching Netflix for a couple hours and using social media! Also, wireless charging. The battery/charging alone is huge selling points!!
•Water Resistant. Up to 30 min in up to 5 ft of water
•Sensors. Has a feature where you can lock your phone with only your fingertip. Check your blood pressure.

•The price. As most new phones, the price can be pretty steep. But right now a lot of places are having specials, or you can look into leasing it.
•If you’ve never held a Galaxy and are used to a smaller phone, make sure you are comfortable with the big size. I personally love the size! And you’re a little clumsy(like me), and feel like the phone may slip out of your hand ’cause it’s so smooth. That’s an easy fix, buy a protection case.


My review is in no way paid/compensated by anyone. And the photo shared here wasn’t taken with a Galaxy S7, it was taken with my old S3. We just really love our phones and I thought I’d share! What kind of phone do you have? Are you the type of person who upgrades their phones every year?

Sharing is caring!