Monkey’s at the zoo!

I’ve written before about us having a zoo pass and the benefits, here. We still love having a zoo pass, it doesn’t seem to get old. Even though we’ve seen all the animals numerous times, it’s a nice place to visit when it’s raining, simply get a walk or play at the playground area. We have a couple favorite animals that live there and the monkeys are becoming our #1 fav! They are always so full of entertainment.

This time they were inside with the anoa and had us laughing the whole time. The anoa would be walking and they would grab it’s leg and trying tripping him, and this black monkey was taking a ride on his back, picking bugs off his back and hitting them and to top it all off the monkey was full on massaging and picking at it’s butt – doing who knows what lol!! They are always such a hoot to see! Have you been to the Pt. Defiance Zoo & Aquarium? What’s(or who’s) your favorite to see?

pt defiance zoopt defiance zoopt defiance zoo

By the way if you haven’t heard NW Trek, Point Defiance’s sister zoo has officially opened there new kids playground. Have you been, what do you think? We haven’t been yet, but hoping to stop by soon!

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