Mason’s Birthday – Week!

Last week (what felt like) a whole week of celebrating Mason turning 8 years old! It’s when you have kids you truly feel like time flies, you blink and they’re grown up. You can read Mason’s birth story here, if you haven’t already. He’s growing up to be an amazing human and I can’t wait to see what each day brings, even the struggles!

The day started off with some yummy birthday pancakes – simple and easy to make pancakes with strawberries and whip cream and a couple sprinkles thrown on! We try and stay away from food dyes, especially before school, he even made a comment and I assured him only this once is fine 😉 Anyway, he wasn’t too thrilled to be going to school on his birthday but I think part of that came from the 2nd graders had a music performance during the day and for some reason he was on a complete kick that whole week about not wanting to participate! We made him or in his words lately “everyone’s forcing him” but he was happy he participated and so were all of us!

happy 8th birthday masonbirthday cake

Later that evening we had pizza and cake for his birthday and my mom’s (which is the next day)! PS. He wasn’t so happy that his cousin snuck in there and blew them out as well 😉 HAHA

We also brought in cupcakes and drinks for the class. Kinda sad how few families actually bring in cupcakes now-a-days, but totally understandable with the rules of no homemade foods and store bought can get expensive when buying for a whole classroom. Mason felt so good about himself for bringing in cupcakes and the teacher let him choose what activity they did at the end of the day, it’s the little things that matter.

happy birthday

minecraft cupcakes

Saturday morning we celebrated Mason’s birthday at Odyssey 1 with friends and cousins. He had a very good time, afterward we were very ready for a nap. It is pretty hecktic doing a party at Odyssey, so glad we planned for an early time though otherwise it would of been even crazier!! We played lazer tag, the arcade and ate my version of Minecraft cupcakes. Looking for other birthday party locations in Pierce County, check out my list here. The best part of birthday parties, is watching your child light up!

birthday party

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