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Check out my series of post about having a strong-willed child (aka SWC), here. In honor of having his teacher conference this past week and just to give an update on how things are going here in our household :)


I’m happy to report the teacher conference went awesome, great report, very proud of my boy! He is definitely liking this year, his teacher, his classroom, great start to the 2nd grade. Having every day homework assignments seems to be so much easier for him – how is that possible? Beats me!! We will be sad when his teacher leaves for maternity leave after winter break and pray the substitute works out just as good.

It is such a change from last year and pray our days continue to go just as good or at least close. All you families struggling and wondering if it will get better, have hope! There is light. No, not everyday is smooth sailing but it is better, much better.  I can’t pin point what exactly helped Mason but I have a few theory’s – finding what works for Mason, his triggers, his strengths and using those – maybe getting older, learning to control himself, and realizing others are watching your reactions – CALM multi vitamin for kids he takes every morning works wonders on his hyperness (is that a word?!) – he loves the helper jobs the teacher gives him. Huge improvement and I am so thankful and blessed.

I just love my little 7 year old!

strong-willed child

Sharing is caring!