Liberty Lake is the place to stay when visiting Silverwood Theme Park (hotel review)

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We stayed at the Best Western Plus Peppertree Liberty Lake will cost you around $130 a night! The second I walk into a hotel’s lobby I usually can tell if I’m going to love the hotel or not. At the time we were planning our Silverwood trip, we were having a difficult time finding a hotel with vacancy. We had the choice between two hotels, we chose the Best Western in Liberty Lake which was between Spokane and Silverwood.

Liberty Lake is about a 20 minute drive from downtown Spokane, and about a 40 minute drive to/from Silverwood, perfect location if you don’t want to be in the city. Grocery store, Starbucks, restaurants and fast food nearby. But if you like to be in the city and able to walk everywhere, this place probably isn’t for you.

The second you walk into the Best Western you feel welcomed, the decor is stylish and beautiful, the staff is friendly and very helpful, the hotel is very clean and up kept.

best western liberty lake hotel

The room or shall I say rooms were more than what we expected, we had a king size bed in the main room and then a combining room with a queen size bed and tv. Beautiful decor, the bed was very comfortable, flat screen tv, fridge, microwave, desk and pull out couch, plugins next to bed which is a big plus for me. The only thing I didn’t like was no balcony, I like to be able to step outside get fresh air and not feel trapped. Another thing the walls are not very sound proof every night around 10PM we’d hear a few kids running around and jumping off the bed from the room above us.

best western liberty lake hotel

Other amenities the hotel offered; free wifi, free full breakfast and it had some amazing choices ~ we may have even brought a couple containers of yogurt up to the room later for the kids, we didn’t have the opportunity to attend but they offer a happy hour with complimentary wine for the adults and snacks and drinks for everyone else ~ ask for the dates/times, small gym room, they have a rec room with a pool table(not free though), board games and video game systems for free although all the games they had were teen rating or mature.

best western liberty lake hotel

One thing that sells us on a hotel is a pool, as I’m sure most families are the same way. Outdoor, indoor, small pool, large pool with slides – any pool will do!! It’s a nice time killer for families. We were a little disappointed we only got to swim once because the pool was closed most of our trip for maintenance, opened the night before we had to leave. Be sure to bring your own lifevests and/or flotation devices.

best western liberty lake hotel

Would we stay again? Yes, can’t go wrong with the price and all those amenities plus the cleanliness!!

Be sure to check out our visit to Silverwood Theme Park and visiting with kids!! 

Disclosure: This post was brought to you by me and paid for by my family, we didn’t receive anything in return. 


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