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Pop Secret popcorn pillow fort“The key to a good Pop Secret pillow fort isn’t perfection, it’s imagination and fun.”

The key to an awesome pillow fort isn’t about perfection, it’s about spending time with your family, using your imagination and just having a great time. Your fort doesn’t need to be an extravagant 3 bedroom fort with white string lights inside, it could be a simple bed sheet thrown over two chairs. It’s a right of passage for a child to at least make one pillow fort in their lifetime, so parents take a night off from cleaning and turn your living room into pillow fort heaven.

What pairs perfect with your Friday night(okay any day/time) pillow fort? Why of course, Pop Secret popcorn! Children and adults alike love popcorn, it’s an easy healthy snack to enjoy while you lay in your #popsecretforts and watch a movie with your family or friends.

We eat popcorn so often I should probably buy stock in it :) Pop Secret makes it so easy to enjoy, a few minutes in the microwave and you have a yummy snack. It’s great to enjoy while watching a movie or we even pop a bag and bring as a snack on the go. Pop Secret popcorn not only sells Butter flavor but also Kettlecorn, Caramel, Cheddar, Sea Salt, and Cinnamon Roll.

Pop Secret popcorn pillow fort Pop Secret popcorn pillow fort

Thinking back when I was a child I loved building forts; the “secret” hidden feeling, hoping you can squeeze through the narrow area, the joy when you could get the couch cushion to work as an opening closing down or the feeling when your sibling jumps or knocks over the fort or when you get to do the knocking down ;) Mason loves building pillow forts any chance he can get and I love helping him build one but it’s a different feeling now as an adult when your child asks you to get in lol. Now, if only he can learn to clean it all up after he’s done playing ;) Even though Mason is an only child he still gets that feeling of a sibling destroying your fort, because our dog also loves when Mason makes a fort. She immediately loves to jump right on top of all the blankets and caves it in, but then she will also lay in the fort with Mason. It is too cute!

Pop Secret popcorn pillow fort

So, take this opportunity and build a pillow fort with your child, put on a movie and enjoy a bowl of Pop Secret popcorn. The clean up can come later. Make sure to snap a photo of your child and pillow fort creation, use the hashtag #popsecretforts. Each person who submits their photo to Pop Secret Facebook page will also be eligible to receive a host of mystery prizes and rewards while supplies last. And while your at the Pop Secret Facebook page download a coupon for $1 off, along with a customizable flag to name and claim their pillow fort.


Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Pop Secret. However, all opinions expressed here are my own. 

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