July is Cord Blood Awareness Month #CordBloodRegistry


cord blood awareness month

In honor of July being Cord Blood Awareness Month, I’m here to talk to you about banking newborn stem cells. Whether you are an expecting parent, or maybe it’ll be in your future.

My baby girl was born this past week, it was a beautiful but intense birth. We knew just the basics of cord blood banking, I’m hoping this message will inform more parents of cord blood banking and the benefits, before that big day comes. Because if I could turn back time after learning the possible advantages of storing my baby’s cord blood for her and my family, we would have decided to do it. Banking a newborns cord blood could possibly benefit not only the baby but also other matching family members.

Your newborns cord blood can potentially work as a regenerative medicine – stem cells are being researched for their potential to help conditions that have no cure today by helping the body regenerate damaged tissue and restore lost function after an injury or illness, and it’s already being used in transplant medicine – stem cells are being used to regenerate healthy blood and immune systems for people who are treated for diseases like leukemia and sickle cell anemia.

cord blood awareness month

What is cord blood? The baby’s umbilical cord contains blood, rich in powerful stem cells. The cord blood stem cells are used in transplant medicine to regenerate healthy blood and immune systems, they have been used in the treatment of 80 known diseases and disorders. It is also being researched in experimental applications it has the potential to serve as a body’s personal repair kit!

How banking works? Enroll with CBR, they’ll send you a collection kit that you fill out an information card and store for the big day, and the day of bring the kit with you so the healthcare provider will perform the collection. Lastly, call the medical courier and let them know they can pick up the collection and then relax.


The decision to bank your newborns cord blood is entirely up to you, but please take the time to learn more about it and the benefits.

Please go to www.cordblood.com if you would like to learn more.

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