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If you’ve been stopping by lately you can see my blog is full of “Holiday Gift Guide -Reviews”. I’m sorry if your the type of person who hates following bloggers that only post about product reviews and I can promise you this I will not become that type of blogger, I love writing about our lives, randomly talking off a strangers(yes you reading this!) ear about whatever, I love writing, I love taking photos(even though I’m no photographer) and posting them for you all. With that said I also really do love trying product/places/whatever and writing reviews of it and I thought I’d try out this “holiday gift guide” craze and see what the hype was about. And I can honestly say it’s pretty awesome, after you get over the whoa, I need to get organized or I’m going to get overwhelmed!

so, please don’t unfollow me if you are the type of person who absolutely hates review blogs. just hit ignore until after december 10th and then there wont be a bazillion new holiday gift guide posts ;)


Carrying on.

Can you believe it’s already the 12th of November?? Thanksgiving is about 2 weeks away!! I’m so behind this year, I haven’t even thought about the guest list, menu(even though how often does it change), dinner time, nothing. I haven’t even shared Halloween photos with you, better late than never. And I’ll include a bunch of other random photos from my phone from the past couple weeks, yes you’re probably thinking a phone dump oh goody lol ;)

 The Haunted Ballet, even though I never ever get other pictures from the haunted ballet, I never leave without the traditional picture in front of the sign!

I made the kitty litter cake, finally. Yes, that is actually edible cake, that taste good!

We procrastinated so much this year and didn’t carve our pumpkins until 2 days before Halloween.


I love that Mason’s public school still allows the kids to have Halloween parties and the whole school does a costume parade.

You know that perfect neighborhood for trick or treating you see in movies? Well, this year we found it! We couldn’t of asked for a better Halloween night here in the South Sound! The skies cleared up and the rained stopped just for trick or treating, we had good company with us. Not to mention the neighborhood, we started when it was still daylight out and almost every house passed out candy and good candy too, people had fire pits in their driveways, they hire police to patrol the area, lots of people, lots of decorated houses. It was perfect! So, if you need a suggested neighborhood next year I’ll fill ya in ;)

Immediately head to your local Trader Joes, after reading this of course ;) and pick up those chocolate advent calendars and stock up on the best cookies!!

Last weekend Mason and I went into Seattle to attend our very first blogger meetup, so naturally we ended up at Trophy Cupcakes! What’s your favorite flavor? I am a sweet fanatic, don’t get me wrong I love all cupcakes but my absolute favorite flavor is Vanilla and Vanilla, it’s just so good the cake just melts in your mouth and don’t get me started on the frosting! I will write a separate post on our meetup adventure, but I will say I was kinda(okay a lot) nervous to attend our first blogger function, but it really wasn’t bad at all. All the people that I did meet were very nice and I realize now it’s okay that you don’t meet everyone, you probably won’t have the time to especially if you bring your wild child who can’t seem to sit still for too long lol!


Phew, that was long. Did you make it this far? If so, give your self a pat on the back(& thanks for listening to me ramble) Have a great day!! :)

Sharing is caring!