It’s 2016!

This year I’m skipping the resolution making and choosing just one word! One word to focus on each day. And while I sit here thinking of all the little things I want to accomplish and trying to decide which one word I would choose, it was already there in front of me.


There are so many things I can already think of that I want to focus on this year and I just know that list will increase throughout the year. Focusing is the first thing, the rest will follow.

Focus on my blog. A career.

Focus on my health.

Focus on home projects.

Focus on my camera 🙂

Focus on homemade.

Focus on life.

Why not join me and choose just one word? You can get a lot out of a word and it’s so much easier to fulfill. It can be any word you choose a couple ideas if you’re stumped; determined, faith, organize, shine, today, health, growth, purpose, breathe, listen, adventure….

What’s your word for 2016?

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