In honor of my 30th

birthday next week. Wow, 30 years old! I bring you a post about my first 30 years, my hopes and dreams of my future, and just me rambling on for an entire post with some pictures thrown in:-P What did you do for your 30th birthday or plan on doing?

Me through the years…


A little rare fact; I was supposed to be born a twin, that’s right. The other “me” died in the womb, well technically the doctors told my mom that the twin was supposed to live and I was supposed to die. “Something/someone” must of had it out for me because I was born with the umbilical cord wrapped tight around my neck. But here I am! Did you know they have support groups for twins who lost each other in the womb? I will honestly say I don’t feel any “lost connection” out there and find that group a little odd. Anyway, moving on. I have one sibling, a sister. I have very few memories from 0-5. I remember my preschool classroom, my elementary school. We lived in South Tacoma until I was 8 and I remember hiding in the house from a few drive by shootings and one incident a man running down the street and cops looking for him because he had killed his wife. Yeah, I will never live in South/East Tacoma again! But it wasn’t always bad, we had a lot of kids on the street and we got to play outside a lot. I remember my neighbor had so many awesome barbies and they showed me the movie the Exorcist, yes we all got in a big trouble and I had nightmares.

I think Mason gets his photogenic “ham” from me.



We moved out into the boondocks, and I loved it(up until I started driving). I’m so thankful my parents moved us, I had an amazing childhood. I had a close-knit of friends, have you seen the movie Now and Then, yeah that was our childhood to a T! We lived near a lake, every summer day all the kids around would pack a lunch and play at the lake all day, with a field right next to it we would occasionally play ball. Although every day you would come home with swimmers inch we’d be back the next day. We would play house in the homes being built in the neighborhood, sad but kids now a days will get the police called on them for trespassing. A little embarrassing tidbit; I loved the Olsen Twins, owned all the movies, would even act them out. My friends and I all had American Girl dolls and would have parties with them, I actually still own the original Kirsten with her belongings. I’ve played sports since I was 5; many years of soccer with a few years of baseball, basketball, track thrown in there. After watching Stephen Kings IT, I had to walk a mile home at dusk, yeah spooky!



Luckily I didn’t have any social problems, I was friends with almost everyone. But I probably needed to focus a little more on school and less on being social. After turning 16, got my drivers license, a car and a skateboard and started hanging out with the wrong crowds. Starting drinking, partying, skipping school but thank God I graduated and am still alive! But those experiences, if you should call them that, made me the person I am today.

I’ve always had awkward hairstyles, curly+cowlicks=awkward! 🙂 Not to mention I’ve always been one of the tallest. A lot of awkward years.


21-23:: Started changing things around and met Levi in those years.

23-29:: Became a mom, became a wife, became 100% adult! 🙂 And here I am…


My hopes and dreams for the future; honestly I just want to continue to be the best mom and wife I can be, I want to see as many places I can, I want my blog to grow so I can call it my job or get a job in media marketing. I just want to continue to enjoy life!

The places I’ve traveled to so far, need to add a LOT more to this list. I hope to double this list by 40!!

  • California
  • Nevada
  • Wyoming
  • Arizona
  • Montana
  • Idaho
  • Washington
  • Oregon
  • Hawaii Oahu & Maui
  • Mexico (short trip)
  • Canada
  • Greece – Athens, Skiathos

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  1. OMG. I liked reading you throughout the years. You from 0-8 sucked me in. Espesiclaly the twin thing, the cord around your neck (!) and the drive by shooting. Gah.

    Happy 30th birthday! What part of Canada did you visit? I’m from there – recently moved to California though 🙂

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