Homeschool isn’t for everyone! What to do with your child during #Covid19

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The Coronavirus/Covid19 has a lot of schools in the world closing to help stop the spread. If you’ve got school aged kids I’m sure there is a lot of stress and overall feelings of worry floating around your house right now. Maybe you work full time or a stay at home parent, the biggest concern right now seems to be what are you going to do with your child all day long? Will they fall behind in learning? What about exercise and activities? We’re all supposed to be social distancing and quarantining ourselves, we’re all going to go stir crazy and fall behind with no plan in place. Right?!


Take a deep breath and exhale.

We’re in the same boat as so many of you. And I too had that short moment of panic – what will we do?! In Washington state our Governor Inslee unexpectedly closed all schools in WA until at least April 27, that’s 6 weeks of being couped up at home with no direction(so far) of what our children are supposed to be learning and doing.

That’s the thing, we’re all experiencing this together and taking it day by day. So, please ignore all those fancy color coded schedules you’re seeing pop up in regards to a “homeschool schedule”. Every child is different and learns differently. Remember you’re your child’s parent, not their teacher. So, do what’s best for you and your family! Health and wellness are the most important thing right now.

Like I said every child is different, my oldest has his struggles not academically but behaviorally and emotionally. We will be taking the unschooling approach, I still want some kind of structure otherwise we’ll be arguing with him all day about video games!


Learning Activities for Everyone During Covid19!


  1. Reach out to their Teacher – This should be your first step if they haven’t already. Send your child’s teacher an email and ask for any online resources or suggestions on what they could be working on. JUST keep in mind their teachers weren’t prepared for this and also could be waiting on the districts instructions. So, don’t expect an immediate answer and give them a little time for a plan.
  2. Exercise – Try a online yoga session or any cardio, aerobic session online; search Youtube, Amazon prime has some good ones. Do jumping jacks, jump rope, push ups, situps. Go to your local school that is shut down and walk/run the track. Lift weights(cans of food work if you don’t have any weights). 
  3. Opt Outside – Go to your local beach, hike, trail just keep social distancing in mind. I’m so thankful the weather is getting warmer here in Washington because we plan on spending time outdoors. Or you could get out into your own yard.
  4. Watch a Documentary – Search Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, ect. for any age appropriate documentaries to watch with your child.
  5. Read Together – Grab a book, comic book, magazine, Audible book and read together.
  6. Garden – Get outside clean up the yard/garden, plant a garden and have your child watch them grow over the next 6 weeks. Plant vegetables, herbs, flowers, ect.
  7. Cook – This is the perfect opportunity to have family time and cooking/baking is a great for learning. Have your child pick a recipe to make or cook a meal together! Check out some great family friendly recipes to make at home.
  8. Art/Craft – Draw, color, paint a rock do an art and/or craft that interest your child. Build a fairy house, make a herb planter, build a fort outside, chalk up the side walk, ect.
  9. Write to someone – Have your child write to a Grandparent, cousin, friend from school, anyone at a nursing home; they can practice their writing skills while brightening someones day. 
  10. Play a game – Pull out Monopoly, UNO, a deck of cards and play a game together. Board games are great for learning including social skills.
  11. Self Care – Most importantly practice SELF CARE daily, this is a very overwhelming time for your child and yourself. Mediate, soak in a bath, lay there and listen to soothing music, do a face mask with your child. Take 10-15 minutes each day to relax and breath!
  12. Clean – Perfect time to spring clean, disinfect daily. Your child is practicing life skills. 
  13. Watch a family movie – Make some popcorn, healthy smoothie or hot cocoa and unwind while watching a family movie. 
  14. Environment Learn about the environment, watch a documentary, upcycle something or do an eco-friendly project. 
  15. Engage – In the evening(or whenever’s convenient) talk to your child, ask them how they’re doing/feeling, talk about what’s going on around them and the world. Make sure they’ll alright; with all the isolation/distancing/quarantining it’s very important to make sure our mental health state is okay.


Sending ya’ll strength!

This is all unplanned so take this time to breath and just relax, you can get a structure and plan going in a couple days – maybe even next week! This is an overwhelming time for everyone, so remember your child’s health and wellness is more important then academics right now!

Stay safe and healthy friends!!

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Homeschool isn’t for everyone! What to do with your child during #Covid19