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If you’re new around here, Christmas is my favorite time of the year and we have a lot of holiday traditions and the list continues to grow every year. Even though we put up the decoration a week before Thanksgiving and started listening to Christmas music the beginning of November, I feel like the month of December is just flying and I’m having a hard time squeezing every tradition in :( Christmas is 2 weeks away!

Chocolate Advent Calendar:: I’ve been doing this since I was a kid, my parents got us one each year so of course I had to carry that tradition on.

Watch a lot of Christmas movies::  What’s your favorite Christmas movie? We don’t have cable and only about 10 Christmas movies, so we’ve watched Elf & Home Alone more times than I can count !

Drink as much hot cocoa as we can:: And coffee to try and catch up with everything going on!

Christmas music on radio:: check.

Drive around look at lights:: but who doesn’t? ;)

Our towns Christmas Tree Lighting:: We didn’t miss this year going on 6 years! It was disappointing though, it was pretty bare this year, hardly any booths, hardly any activities for kids. The only good thing it wasn’t too crowded(except for the Santa line)

Nutcracker & Christmas plays:: we’ll probably only make Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree play at the local theatre

Santa Pics:: The past two years Mason has said he doesn’t want to do this but hopefully this year I can convince him again. We’re going to try at the Bass Pro Shop today

Christmas Cards:: Mailing them today

Cookie Baking & Cookie Exchange:: All month long…

Tree:: Like I said this month has been so busy, it is the 10th and we still haven’t brought home a tree!

Donate gifts:: We donate what we can

Gingerbread House:: Got an pre-assembled one from Costco this year, it was great!

Family Dinners/Party’s:: We have many of those ;)

Santa Train:: I don’t think we’ll be doing this one this year

Letter:: My kid’s an odd ball, I pretty much have to make him sit down to make a list.

Ice skating:: I want to check out the one downtime Tacoma but we’ll see.

Zoolights:: of course!

Santa Breakfast:: I actually didn’t see any that were going on around our area.

2014 Ornament:: Hallmark

Christmas Eve:: Mason gets to open 1 present… Pj’s ;) Drink hot cocoa, watch a Christmas movie, read Twas a Night Before Christmas and leave out cookies…sounds like your Christmas Eve? Yeah we’re pretty unique haha ;)


What’s some of your families traditions? These next two weeks need to slowwww down.

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