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We can’t forget our furry family members this holiday season!! We were hooked up with lots of goodies for our dog and the stray kitten we’ve “adopted” from Matrix & other great companies!

A little background about our furry family member(s). I have always have a soft spot for animals, they are just as helpless as babies. About two and a half years ago we started fostering dogs through a local rescue group, a couple dogs and two years later we started fostering Bertha but only lasted a little while before deciding we just couldn’t give her up. She was attached to us and us to her right from the beginning. It was love at first sight :) Even though she has only been part of our family about 7 months it feels like years. And the stray kitten whom I don’t think will ever feel comfortable enough to let us pet her or live in the house, I can’t let her starve.

Not only should we watch what we put into our bodies, we should do the same for our furry family members. They should get the best of everything!


Gifts for the Foodie

Bravo Homestyle Complete Dinners for Dogs- Your dog will love this, supports a raw diet. Simply add water, stir and serve. $5.49-$94.68

Caru Natural Stews- this can either be served entree or added like gravy over dry food. It seriously looks like a soup a human would eat. Very health. Bertha LOVED this!! $4.99-5.99

Spring Naturals Minced Entrees & Pate Dinners for Cats- your cat will love this, wholesome nutrients, low glycemic. $1.49-1.99


Gifts for those who love to Indulge

Fruitables Vanilla Snowflake Flavor Treats- Limited Edition- made with real snowflakes, perfect gift for Christmas :) combine with pumpkin granola and yogurt recipe. Dogs eat them up! $4.99-5.99

Look Who’s Happy Canine Treats- natural ingredients(cage free poultry, naturally raised meats) plus veggies and fruits. very healthy for canine friend. $7.49-18.99

Indigo Smokehouse Strips by Petsafe- Bertha loves this treat, anytime she hears the bag open she runs over. I loved how it includes a ziplock bag that you can date it(picture below). $9.99-29.99



Gifts for the Party Animal

Catmospher from the company of animals- your cat will love playing with this and trying to get the treats, it rolls encourages cats to chase and paw at it, dispensing taste rewards along the way. $15.99

Imperial Cat- happy cat & happy kitten holiday kits- great toys for cats and catnip $19.95-34.95


Gifts for the Outdoorsy Type

Gold Paw Series Portland Pullover- this is very cute! repels water and dirt and comes in bright, beautiful colors, fleece so it’s very soft, they look so comfy and warm for the dogs $39.00-45.00  the company also sells visibilty vest, overcoat, deep winter coat, cloud harness. free repairs for life.

Dog Rocks- want to stop lawn burns? simply place these rocks in your pets water bowl to naturally filter out impurities, like nitrates, from his urine for up to two months. safe for your dog and all other household pets, 100% natural minerals $16.99


What do you do for your furry family member? Do you get them a Christmas present? This is our first year with Bertha for Christmas and I’ve already started collecting things for her stocking :) Fact: You’re not the only one celebrating the holidays with your four-legged friend. According to the American Pet Products Association, pet owners spend over $5 billion annually on gifts for their dog or cat.


Disclaimer: I wasn’t compensated, I did receive product to review from Matrix Partners. However, all opinions expressed here are my own.

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