Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Most don’t go all out for this holiday, the most wear a green shirt so you don’t get pinched. We don’t go all out but I do try making it fun Mason. A green breakfast to start the day; which he was so amazed when he got green pancakes, not because they were green but because I’m allowing him to have food dye especially first thing in the morning lol. Then we do an Irish dinner, corned beef and cabbage/sprout fry! That’s usually about it. We aren’t drinkers or have huge family traditions! This holiday does hold a huge significance though, Mason wouldn’t be here today if my husband and I hadn’t met on St Patty’s Day 9 years ago!!

What are your plans for today/tonight? Any traditions? Be safe if you’re going out tonight!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Friends!! happy st pattys day

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