Grandpa Beck’s Games {Review}

We are always looking for that perfect family night activity, something other than an using an electronic. As I’m sure a lot of other families are as well! The short easy answer is board/card games; they are perfect for any family, any time of the year, any situation.
Family nights are very important for not only children but adults; it’s a time to relax unwind, enjoy each other’s company and get to know each other better, a little competition is even good.

grandpa beck's games

We recently were sent card games from Grandpa Beck’s, which is a family business ran by Grandma Beck, Grandpa Beck and the help from illustrator Apryl Stott and the Beck family.

Grandpa Beck’s Games consist of four family favorite card games!
♣ COVER YOUR A$$ETS – Battle to become the first millionaire in Cover Your Assets by building a stack of matching pairs of asset cards. Be careful though, your top set of assets can be stolen by other players if they hold a matching card. Cover Your Assets in your stack by adding pairs to the top, or use your cards make a play to steal the assets of others! Best with 4-6 players, ages 7+
♠ SKULL KING – Prepare yerselves for an epic game of savvy and skill! In Skull King players bid the number of tricks they believe they can win. Bid correctly and ye’ll win big points, miss yer bid and water yer score sink to the bottom! The game stays lively and intense as ye use the Jolly Roger trump suit, higher ranking pirate cards, and the pirate boss Skull King to win yer bid! For 2-6 players ages 8+
♥ NUTS ABOUT MUTTS – Unleash the competitive side of your family in this fast-paced game with an adorable canine theme. Players can match cards by color, number or breed! A host of other special cards like the fire hydrant, mutt and fleas cards add to the frenzied fun. Be the first player to play all your cards to win! For 3-8 players ages 5+ in Basic play or 8+ for Advanced play.
♦ GOLF – A charming casual card game with a great balance of luck and strategy. Players endeavor to end the round with the lowest score possible by collecting negative value cards, like birdies and eagles, or sets of three positive value cards such as the double bogey. Just like in the real game of golf, the lowest score wins! For 2-5 players ages 7+

grandpa beck's games

We’ve had an amazing time learning and playing all the games, they’ve all been pretty easy to follow directions even for my 8 year old and if you have younger kids the game Nuts About Mutts basic play is recommended for ages 5+. The whole family has enjoyed playing them and keeps all ages interested. I will mention that Mason can sometimes be a poor sport so this is something we are constantly working on, and I noticed the games were very fast paced so we had time to play a couple rounds.

Grandpa Beck’s Games are great to have in your game cabinet, or taking along for camping or a picnic at the park. The box is fairly small and can be easily stored.

You can purchase any of the games mentioned above on Amazon for as low as $12.99, that’s a great price for hours of family fun time!! Christmas is coming up and these would make excellent stocking stuffers!!

Grandpa Beck’s Games

Disclosure: I received product for review from Grandpa Beck’s, however all opinions expressed here are my own. 

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