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For the past couple weeks since that video was leaked I was convinced we won’t be supporting the film. After all we saw a poor dog scared to death to jump in that water and the trainer pushing him to get in and then the dog submerged in the water for a couple seconds. It is just very hard to not believe what’s showing in front of your eyes. But after all that is what Celebrity Gossip companies rely on (Or whomever leaked that video). TMZ is just that celebrity gossip, they want to make the most outrageous accusations to get viewers. They don’t care who they hurt, they just want a paycheck. It happens all the time!

Whomever filmed and published that video if they were a true animal advocate, why would they just be posting the video now right before the films premier? Why not a year ago when it was filmed?

It just doesn’t make sense why an animal film which is going to attract a ton of animal lovers risk abusing/torturing the actors on set and loosing their potential audience?


So, this morning I finally did some more digging to find anymore articles about the film, because honestly I really want to see it. Found this article on USA Today from the author of the book. Sure it’s hard to not believe the leaked video we saw, but if we know anything about celebrity gossip, you can’t always believe what you see.

My family will be giving this video a second chance, will you?

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