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Flavor Your Life & Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

Flavor Your Life & Extra Virgin Olive Oil!


I received this product for free from Moms Meet to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links.

My family enjoys cooking and eating delicious foods! Nothing better than spending time with your loved ones cooking dinner and then sitting down at the table to enjoy the thing you just created. The aromas, bonding, maybe even a little bickering because no body wants to put up electronics. It’s just a special time to pause in your busy day.

I’m also really into knowing where your food comes from; how and where it’s grown, harvested, the people involved – should all be important things to consider when choosing what to put into your body.


With the Flavor Your Life campaign, it aims to educate North American consumers about authentic extra virgin olive oil from Europe. It’s empowering consumers by educating them about the rich history and delicious properties that these oils display – and sharing the delicious extra virgin olive oil culinary culture that’s been harvested in Europe for generations. 


Over thousands of years farmers have evolved hundreds of varieties of olive trees (cultivars) and optimized them for different environmental conditions and terrains to produce the most delicious yields. The result of this centuries old bond between the people & the land is the finest extra virgin olive oil in the world.

Extra virgin olive oil(EVOO) is the first cold pressed olive oil from the first round of extraction of fresh, intact olives. It hasn’t been heated, so it retains its full nutritional value. 

It’s tested by a panel of trained experts, they test for taste defects and the presence of positive attributes of fruitiness, bitterness and spiciness. It’s also tested for peroxide values, lower values indicate fresher oil and more rapid processing. 

EVOO has a 0.8% acidity and surprisingly good for your diet. Rich in polyphenols and antioxidants. Boost your immune systems. High in monounsaturated fats and contains vitamins and provitamins, plenty of beneficial fatty acids minerals. 

It’s vegan, gluten free, contains no additives or preservatives.

EVOO is very versatile and can transform many dishes;

  • As a salad dressing; add mild vinegar, citrus, mustard or herbs for delicious flavor
  • It’s also delicious in baked goods – breads, cakes, cookies
  • Roasted vegetables or drizzle on after cooking
  • Add it to your next charcuterie board – goes well with cheeses, meats

It’s always been my go to for oil; we love it on salads, drizzled on salmon, a dip for breads, roasted potatoes are a few of our go-tos. I’ve got many recipes on my blog that use EVOO! 

Extra virgin olive oil has a high smoking point of 400° so it’s suitable for cooking and baking. 

How to store EVOO? Store your oil somewhere dark and cool and never in the refrigerator. Keep the lid screwed on tight and use with six months of opening. 


Le Stagioni d’ Italia 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil has an amazing robust flavor of artichoke and almond, with a medium bitter and spicy aftertaste. As well as a green, ripe, fruity aroma with a leafy feel. We’ve enjoyed it as a salad dressing, and fresh homemade focaccia bread. We plan on making an olive oil cake with it next!

Did you know? Le Stagioni d’ Italia means “the seasons of Italy” in Italian. The name represents the connection to nature and land, which is the heart of their agricultural business. Le Stagioni d’ Italia guarantees sustainable farming practices and has great respect for the farmers that harvest their crops.

Le Stagioni d’ Italia products are available to purchase nationwide at Grocery Outlet.


You can find 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil at most retailers and a 500 mL bottle typically retails for $19.99.