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Fight your sickness with Buckleburry Soothing Syrup

Fight your sickness with Buckleburry Soothing Syrup


My family and I have been hit with what feels like every cold and flu this year, I’m talking over the past two months we’ve caught 3-4 different colds/flus! It’s been a brutal year.

When my families sick I typically try fighting it as natural as possible. Water, pineapple juice, fruits, essential oil rolls, rest and natural supplements are usually my go-to’s. I believe our bodies need to fight off the virus as much as possible. With other leading non-natural cough syrups; they use food dyes, taste disgusting, and could have other complications. Just something I don’t want for my family and self.

BUCKLEBURY Soothing Syrup uses natural ingredients; made in the USA, organic, natural ingredients, including organic raw honey. It taste amazing, which I absolutely love because the leading ones don’t!

A percentage of the proceeds also goes towards a cause I feel very passionate about, read below for more information.

Bucklebury Soothing Syrup contains a special five-herb proprietary mix that works synergistic-ally. Chamomile has a calming effect and anti-inflammatory abilities. Licorice root is a demulcent, meaning it soothes-internal tissues. Marshmallow root is an expectorant and helps loosen and expel excess mucous from the respiratory system. White Willow bark is an analgesic and provides pain relief. Wild Cherry bark has been known for years as a natural cough suppressant.

Bucklebury Soothing Syrup’s original formula uses a small amount of brandy. Used as a natural preservative, the alcohol formula is only 2.5% ABV, which is much lower than most alcohol formulas. Alcohol in small doses is good for the body when one is sick.

Bucklebury Soothing Syrup also sells an Alcohol Free form if you do not want to take the original formula. Same price, quantity and ingredients minus the alcohol.

Keep in mind this product does contain raw honey, so do not give to children under one years old.

They also carry essential oil rollers; Theives Protection, Breathe and Tranquility. I’ve got a collection of essential oil rollers going, I absolutely love them! They are so easy to carry around and put on the kids, almost every night I roll one on the bottom of Pipers feet to relax her.


If you’re not sold yet, one thing I really appreciate and was happy to hear about the company. A percentage of the net proceeds goes to fight human trafficking. Human Trafficking is huge subject a lot of people don’t like talking/thinking about, maybe they don’t think it happens in their area but news flash it’s happening everywhere – in your own backyard so to speak. Humans are being traded and forced into horrible situations everyday. Learn more about the Expand Your Heartprint program.


Where to purchase Bucklebury? A bottle of Bucklebury Soothing Syrup typically retails for $11.95 and can be purchase on


Save $3 off a bottle of Bucklebury Soothing Syrup with the promocode buckleburymom on Bucklebury’s website. Offer is valid untilApril 30, 2019.


Disclaimer: I received this product for free from Moms Meet ( to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links.