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disney alice through the looking glass


Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Today was the start of our 4 day weekend and we were able to go watch Alice Through The Looking Glass this morning! Today was opening day of the movie. We couldn’t wait to see it and we weren’t disappointed! The movie was amazing; the vivid colors, the magical world, the costumes, the makeup, the set and the cast. It let’s you escape the real world and brings you into wonderland! I love how it told the story of the Queen of Hearts and how she became bad. It had humor, it had a couple spots that made you jump, drama, and happy moments.

My 8 year old son loved the movie, it kept him engaged the whole time, he even wanted to sit through the credits to listen to Pink’s new song Just Like Fire. Speaking of Pink, I loved her music video at the beginning of the movie, especially that she featured her daughter and husband in it, how cute!!

Child friendly movie you ask? Mason loved it but if you plan on bringing anyone under the age of 5/6 keep in mind it’s 1 hour and 53 minutes, not scary but a couple parts that make you jump, it’s very colorful but not a cartoon. So, during previews maybe let your child walk around the lobby, don’t load them up with sugar, do whatever to help them sit through the movie. You’ll love the movie and hopefully they will also!!

PS. My absolutely favorite thing about Disney, you get to feel like a kid again! 

alice through the looking glass(Photo taken with Snapchat)

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#ThroughTheLookingGlass movie tickets were paid by me but the activity sheets and links were brought to you by Disney and Marshall Weinbaum. All opinions are my own.

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