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Discover your DNA Story with Ancestry

Discover your DNA Story with Ancestry


I’ve always been fascinated by genealogy, family trees and the history of my family. In my teens I worked hours on my family tree and found we’re descendants of Mary Stuart (Mary Queen of Scotland). When you start researching your genealogy you can find some amazing facts but consider this a warning you will get addicted and spend hours online.

Ancestry is a website where you can research all your genealogy, make a family tree or check out other public trees, and get your DNA tested to discover your story.

I’ve always wanted to find out my DNA history, so when I was offered the opportunity I jumped on it. It was a simple procedure that took me less than 15 minutes to complete, you are sent a kit with easy and simple instructions. Step 1 is to Activate the Kit Online and Step 2 Gather DNA. After you’ve filled the tube with saliva you replace the funnel with the cap and screw on. After following their instructions place the tube in the collection bag and mail the sample. They send you emails with updates throughout the process and within 6-8 weeks you receive your results back. I found the results came back a lot sooner, it only took mine 2-3 weeks, so hopefully yours would as well.

After your results are complete, log into and go to the DNA page. There you will find; DNA Story, DNA Matches, DNA Circles.

DNA Story which you’ll discover your estimated ethnicity; the places, history and culture that shaped who you are today. I found out I’m 48% Great Britian(England, Scotland, Whales) and between 1700-1750 they settled to the east coast. It also shows on the map where your ancestors were after you’ve started your family tree.
• DNA Matches It’ll match you with others who match your DNA and have taken the Ancestry DNA test.
• DNA Circles are a great way to discover other members who are related to you through a specific ancestor.


It’s been very interesting finding where my DNA comes from, my ancestors and building my family tree. makes building your family tree so easy with giving you hints it pulls from others public trees and online records, you can even find old photographs of ancestors or their tombstones. Can create and manage multiple family trees and they are nice and organized.

Ancestry is having a SUMMER SALE right now where you can save 40% on a DNA kit making it only $59 offer ends 8/20

Disclosure: I received product in exchange for a review, however all opinions expressed here are my own.


Karen Eidson

Friday 24th of August 2018

I ordered my kit two weeks ago. It is still sitting on my desk. I need to go spit in that tube today!

Laura Funk

Tuesday 14th of August 2018

I did this over the holidays and it was pretty accurate according to our own family history. Such an interesting way to learn about ourselves right?!