Define beauty!

It’s amazing the things you realize when you grow up. I created my first blog post on this topic back in October, go read it here.

Let’s break the cycle of what tweens, teens and even some young adults believe is beautiful! So, society let’s come together and stop this what beauty is supposed to look like sh*t. Let’s teach these humans beauty can come in all shapes, size, colors, marks. Beauty is everyone, everywhere. 

If I could go back and talk to myself, I’d tell me. You now have bad posture and sadly a little hump because of slouching to fit in, yeah that sounds ridiculous now. Yes, you wear size 10 shoes, big deal and actually many people will laugh about it. But honestly they are only laughing because of their own insecurities, otherwise why would it matter to them?! Your mole on your forehead just makes you unique, don’t be embarrassed by it. Love those curves, small boobs, big butt. You’re perfect the way you are!

True beauty is NOT blonde highlights, straight hair, red lipstick, big boobs, skinny.

It happens so frequently in the teenage years and now we are seeing it more in the tweens and sometimes earlier, just breaks my heart. Many girls and boys out there struggling with eating disorders or even worse committing suicide all because they believe they aren’t good enough. This has got to stop!!

True beauty is about how you feel about yourself, your confidence, your attitude.

Let’s teach this kids how to love themselves by not the way they look or don’t look for that matter. But how they hold themselves, what truly matters. Won’t you join me and start being body positive, body confident, show all those girls AND boys in your life to love yourself for who you are. Will you join me??

define beauty

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