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Want a cleaner home? Do these daily steps!


We often struggle with keeping the house perfectly clean! There’s a number of reasons why that could be; a young child lives in the house who just isn’t great about doing chores ;) we own animals, sometimes we are lazy or extremely busy – but then I just don’t get it why the house can become a disaster when we aren’t even home??!! or maybe simply we just aren’t anal about keeping a clean house! Our home isn’t necessarily dirty but more along the lines of cluttered areas. I know we aren’t alone! Was your New Years resolution to keep a cleaner house or you just want to work on that? Instead of trying to change your whole personality and the way your life runs. And instead of being overly stressed and tired from scrubbing the entire house each day, follow our daily cleaning routine. The best part it is only 4 steps and usually doesn’t take more than 20 minutes! So, save a step on your “big” cleaning day and don’t worry about these 4 and have more time on those other areas!

do these 4 steps daily for a clean home

  1. Dishes – I admit this is the number one thing I hate to clean but when your sink is clean it makes a world of difference. If you have a dishwasher, start it before going to bed it’s the perfect time! A bonus your house will smell better, no smell coming from the sink. Have each family member bring their dishes to the sink, rinse off and load in the dishwasher, this will make a huge impact! – this is something we are going to be working on :)
  2. Garbage – Empty the garbage daily, this will be a huge impact on the smell in your house and will make the house so much cleaner if you don’t have garbage piled up! Another tip that can go with the garbage is; if you have animals clean their “areas” daily too!
  3. Wipe Kitchen Counters – If you aren’t cleaning the counters after every meal already, then you really should it makes a difference. But if you do already, like us and your counters still seem to get messy then make this a top especially before you head to bed. Kitchen cleaning tool every household should have? Buy a small dust pan with brush and mark “Counters”, it is a must have in our kitchen and makes cleaning the counters so much easier!! 
  4. Laundry – First step get a laundry basket for every bedroom and even the bathroom is a good location. Now if you don’t accumulate enough laundry in one day, just makes sure your dirty clothes never hit the floor always go into a basket so you don’t look like a pig ;) But if you have a family you know that you make at least one load a day and why not throw it in the washer and dryer daily so on your “laundry day” you aren’t doing/folding laundry all-day-long!

Here’s to a cleaner more manageable home and less stress in your life! By doing these 4 things every day will help make your life run smoother. And save yourself time on your big cleaning day! Or if you have unexpected guests over your house will look good. Just some great habits to form!!