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I’ve decided my family needs to start eating more clean healthy foods. And I thought I would journal it each week in case your family needs some inspiration for a meal or an idea.

Our food intake isn’t too terrible usually but lately I’ve noticed us eating take out more, sugars, carbs and dairy, but we do eat a lot of fruit but not enough vegetables.

Each week I will post about our dinner meal lineup – with a link if I’m getting the recipe from online – foods we are trying to avoid and anything else I feel like writing about.


Monday – Baked Honey Chicken & Salad We buy and eat a lot of the salad kits found at the store, I know they aren’t the best for you but they are so convenient and whatever to get my family to eat salad!!

Tuesday – Taco’s & Mexican Rice I’ve been making this rice recipe for years now, I’ve learned to tweak it some and make it my own but this is pretty much the recipe I use and love! And it’s so easy!

Wednesday – Spaghetti & Meatballs and Salad

Thursday – Sweet & Sour Chicken and Fried Rice

Friday – Sandwiches & Noodle Salad I usually just whip up some egg noodle salad with whatever we have in our house.

Saturday – Grilled Steak & ?? Sides We are going to dust off our BBQ, not sure yet for sides probably salad and some other kind of veggie

Sunday – Eat Out


It’s not perfect but it’s a start, we definitely want to cut out eating out and ready-made meals! We are really trying to stay away from the sugar snacks, so I have popcorn and fruits ready. Lots of WATER! Will you join me this week and eat more dinners made from home mostly from scratch?

Sharing is caring!