Find relief from morning sickness with Sea-Band Mama! #MomsMeet #Giveaway

Find relief from morning sickness with Sea-Band Mama! #MomsMeet #Giveaway

Nausea is a common symptom of pregnancy, I had nausea with both my kids. With my second child, I had horrible morning sickness for months, it was very hard to function each day. I was always searching for something to relieve my nausea in a safe and natural way. I tried crackers, lemon water, mints … Read More

39 Weeks, Counting down… #BumpDate

Welcome to my last week(hopefully not longer) of pregnancy! I didn’t think it’d take me 9 weeks to do another update on the bump. Time got away, but can you really be surprised?! Well, I’m ready for baby girl to be here so we can cuddle her and my body is just too uncomfortable now … Read More

Third trimester, still another 4 weeks to go

I’ve reached the point in pregnancy that I am just done. Third trimester a little over 36 weeks, but my midwife says I could go a week after my due date just because it’s been 9 years. Although I am very uncomfortable, my upper abdomen hurts from stretching, every time she moves kicks or punches my … Read More

Why it’s so important to #BumpUpYourCalcium with Viactiv during pregnancy!

Pregnancy is such an important time in your life, not only for the baby growing inside you but also yourself. Maintaining your health can be very difficult during pregnancy but is the key to a great pregnancy, labor, postpartum and the health of your baby. Did you know approximately 68% of women are calcium deficient. Meeting your … Read More

30 Weeks #Bumpdate

 30 WEEKS How far along? 30 weeks 1 day Maternity clothes: Comfort is my moto! Dresses, leggings, shorts Stretch marks? Just the love handles 😉 Sleep: Tired of sleeping on my sides. But since I’m not a FTM, I do realize that even though I have trouble sleeping now, once baby comes my sleep will be even … Read More