catch up

Well, hello blog!

Here’s to catch you up…

we went to a soapbox derby race, very cool! in a couple years i would love for mason to enter.
one of mason’s little friends had a birthday party, a barnyard themed SO cute!!

went to a park for a family reunion picnic

mason is the complete opposite of both my husband and i when it comes to the dentist, he loves going. he had a cleaning(everything looked great) and he goes back in a couple weeks to get sealants on his molars.

after the dentist we went to the circus with my sister and niece. i think we enjoyed it more than the kids, it was too close to nap time but he did watch most of it. next time we’ll have to show up later to see all the bigger acts.
(pictures to come later, we had my sisters camera)

That’s about all the exciting stuff that happened in our lives. I wish we could say we’ve been enjoying the summer weather these pass couple days but we haven’t!! It looks like fall here 🙁 Please sun come back and rain go away…

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