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We took another trip to Elbe to ride the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad train. This time we rode the Bunny Express and of course we had a great time! For those that don’t know the area, Elbe is that small little town you pass on your way to Mt Rainier on highway 7 and they have a little train depot. It’s about an hour drive from Tacoma.

Check out the Santa and Pumpkin Express.


We always love riding the MRSR trains; we love the beautiful drive up there, the scenic train ride, the friendly staff, the fun activities at our destinations, and not to forget the amazing tasting popcorn!

Our train ride to Mineral Lake was pleasant, it was beautiful sunny, sadly we didn’t see any wild animals and we arrive to some great activities. They have a museum, trains you can get up and personal with, blow the wistle, characters in costumes, great photo opps, and an egg hunt. At first I was a little worried about how many kids for the size of the egg hunt, because you see my kid is not good at all at egg hunts. When it comes to egg hunts he just isn’t quick or aggressive. In the time he grabs one egg, all the other eggs are gone. But I was very wrong the egg hunt was PERFECT, each kid was aloud 5 eggs, the eggs were very easy to find, no kids shoving, no kids with full buckets while others have none. It was our kind of egg hunt. The eggs were filled with good candy.

The ride back was very peaceful, Mason even started falling asleep. It’s the perfect amount of time for children and adults, not to mention you can bring your own food, although the concession stand is very reasonable price if you just need snack foods, the train cars are heated so need to worry about the cold.


I’ve compiled a list of all the rides coming up, should be fun! Purchase tickets here.


Disclaimer: We were given tickets to ride the Bunny Express to review, however all opinions expressed here are my own.

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