Bring on fall

Well, another summer has come and gone. I’m happy and also sad. I miss the lazy mornings and the weather. I’m happy to be back in our routine and have someone/something help entertain Mason. We are one of those families that are counting down the days til school starts(yes, even Mason), we need breaks from each other, he needs the constant activity.

Bring on the fall. School. PTA functions. Holidays. More me time. Coats. Boots.

I have a lot of plans for this year, changes coming our way.

I would like to help make more income for our family, taking on another part time job. I want to continue to save and take more vacations. More about me, I have a lot of free time while Mason’s in school but nothing gets done besides grocery shopping, cleaning and bills/paperwork before I leave for work and Mason’s out of school. My life’s not necessary boring but it’s got very little excitement for myself. I’m done with getting involved in others drama, unless it has something to do with me I don’t care, keep me out of it. I need to work on the relationships that actually are good for me. I need to get into a exercise routine, force myself to do it. So, I have more confidence in my own skin, that sounded cheesy but I honestly have gained more weight then I wanted to since last winter and I’m just not comfortable. Most my pants were getting too small and it took me a while to go out and buy a couple in a bigger size. I wish I had confidence with any size 🙁 Okay, enough of the pity party.

Some changes coming for my blog. I’ve been spending less time on my personal facebook page, I no longer spend loads of time everyday browsing the news feed. Social media can be so time consuming. I would like to get in the hang of updating all my social networks everyday, even if that includes scheduling posts. I want to pay someone to design a new blog layout for me.  I want to learn how to use my camera and not just the auto setting to snap the picture.


Anyway, I always feel like I write about the same things in my life. I’m sure no one wants to read about the negative “feel sorry for myself” type post 😉 Or is it a relief for readers to see that bloggers lives aren’t this fairy tale? That we all have struggles.


My boy started 1st grade last week. He was very ready to start school, but I don’t think he was ready for the early mornings getting out the door. He says school is going well, just a lot to learn and he doesn’t get enough time to eat all his lunch. The first day was probably the hardest for me(but I didn’t cry) it’s just the feeling after you walk away if they’ll be alright without you, but I’m told that feeling never goes away. That first day he wanted to ride the bus but I had to convince him that all the kids parents take them to school and I wanted to meet the teacher/see his classroom, maybe next year I’ll let him ride the bus on the first day 😉



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  1. Such a wonderful smile, it’s now spring here but doesn’t feel like it today being cold and wet again. When children over there start school do they start in Kindergarten or year 1 over here the first year of school is Kindergarten. Leo is in 1st class this year and Blain is in 3rd class

    1. They start in Kindergarten, is the first year of school and then it goes 1st grade, 2nd grade and so on 🙂

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