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Let’s discuss the topic Body Image today! I’ve been thinking a lot about the negative thoughts we have about ourselves, our bodies. Then the other day it hit me even worst when someone had posted a picture of a pre-teen girl sitting there with a picture of a model, holding scissors to her tummy fat. Not only do we have all these negativity towards ourselves we are teaching young kids and young adults that is okay. Perfection isn’t a size small, perfection isn’t having large size breasts, perfection isn’t having a small nose, perfection isn’t having plump lips, perfection isn’t having a thigh gap.

How you hold yourself, being comfortable in your own skin, accepting yourself; that is true perfection! – true beauty!

For myself and for those girls, I’m done trying to diet and find the perfect me, because you know what she’s already there I just needed to uncover her! Some truths I am coming to terms with and accepting myself for who I am.

  • Healthy eating + exercise = two thumbs up! Dieting – nope! Healthy eating and exercise promote a healthy long great life, dieting you are always unhappy. Why should I constantly diet, be unhappy with myself and not enjoy those yummy desserts that I so love?! I only live once, and could be gone tomorrow.
  • Body types are all different! Petite, short, tall, bone structure…. I have always been tall, big boned, hips spread even wider after having a kid, I’ve always had a smaller torso with small boobs and big thighs. No I don’t have diabetes, or thyroid disease, no my meals don’t only consist of fried, starch, junk foods. So, just because your considered “overweight, plus size” doesn’t mean you don’t take care of your body. It just means everyone’s body works differently.
  • A huge thing I had to accept, while shopping don’t waste time trying on smaller size clothing in hopes that you can squeeze into it, or thinking someone was watching & judging me reach for the bigger size, just accept your size! Spend that extra time finding what styles flatter your curves. I am beginning to accept I am a size 14-16 and to be proud of it, not ashamed.

What I’m trying to get at is beautiful-perfect isn’t the size, shape, color you are; it’s how you hold yourself, self-asteem and the love you have for yourself! So, let’s be good role-models, be body positive and body confident! Will you join me?!!

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