Being a mom, in honor of mother’s day!


Mason has truly made me a better person. We’ve all probably heard that a million times, right. But he truly did. When we got pregnant with Mason it was a surprise, we weren’t married, at that time I wasn’t ready to grow up let alone raise another human. The second he was born and placed on my stomach any of my doubt was gone. This little guy needed me and I needed him. He changed my world completely upside down and it won’t ever be about me anymore and I am completely okay with that.

I just thank God every day he blessed me with such an amazing soul to raise, to call my own.

Children are so innocent, so caring, so loving. And yes at times can be a complete pain in the butt, but they’re your pain!

The title Mom is the best position you could ever receive and we should all embrace that. A mom is not only someone that gave birth but would put the needs of their child’s first, would do anything for them, love unconditionally.


So, to all the Mother’s out there enjoy your weekend and what made you a Mom! 


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