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The Bean Box! First off, I love when I happen to be browsing online and find local companies. Well, local”ish”, I’m about 45 minutes south of Seattle. If you know anything about Seattle you probably know, it RAINS a lot and COFFEE is very popular! But coffee is loved all around the world!

How it works: Every month, you will receive 4 hand-picked gourmet coffee roasts from Seattle’s top rated roasters. Beans are shipped fresh to you, along with tasting notes, in a handsome Bean Box. You brew and enjoy delicious coffee with each unique roast.

For $20 a month you get 4 delicious coffee samples. Beans are shipped whole within 1-2 days of roasting to ensure peak freshness. Each Bean Box makes about 15 cups of coffee. Special touches with each box, like delicious artisan chocolates. Easy to cancel. For you decaf drinkers, no decaf options in the box but if you go to the Shop you can find whole bags to purchase. If you found one of the samples that you love, you can purchase a full bag here, and believe me you’ll find at least one that you love and have to get more of 🙂 Not bad prices either. They write when it was roasted on the back.


I love the smell of coffee beans especially right after you’ve ground them. I like that Bean Box sends you samples of whole beans. Can you tell I love coffee! And can’t go a day without it 🙂

Ladro Roasting Limoncillo Javanica was our absolute favorite! And the funny thing is my husband put them in order with which one sounded the best, this one he had last place ’cause he didn’t think we’d like it. We were both very surprised with the outcome. Features peach and orange notes. Of course when I went to the shop to order a whole bag, it was sold out 🙂 I’ll have to keep a eye out for it.

Tin Umbrella Hillman City Global Blend was our second to favorite It was so good, smelt wonderful, features fruit and chocolate notes.

Broadcast Coffee Roasters was pretty good, I’d drink it every day. Features hints of milk chocolate and strawberry jam.

Keala’s Coffee this was probably the richest one, and I prefer a more sweeter coffee. But it did taste good, fresh beans.

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Disclaimer: I wasn’t compensated, I did receive product to review from Bean Box. However, all opinions expressed here are my own.

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