April Blog Goals

This past month I decided to write down blog goals, to maybe inspire me and help me grow as a blogger! Just simply have something to work towards. This month I kept it to a minimum, just to get a start on making and achieving monthly blog goals. As time goes on they will become more in depth.


•Post more frequently – This month I really wanted to work on posting more and being more present on my blog. I surpassed my goal of posting 3-4 times a week. Looking back at my archives, I blogged 20 times in the month of April, that is the highest I’ve ever blogged in one month. Your blog definitely gets more traffic the more you blog and are present on your blog, keeps reminding your readers you’re here.

•Social Goals – The other thing I wanted to focus on, was to work on growing my social media numbers. Being more active on my channels, and more engagement. This is going really well, I came to realize in order for this to happen I would be spending more time on them. At the beginning of the month, I wrote down the number of followers and what my goal was. Here’s the numbers…
Facebook page: 565 (Beg)   600 (Goal)   567 (End)
Twitter: 456 (Beg)   500 (Goal)  504 (End)
Instagram: 272 (Beg)  300 (Goal)   302 (End)
Pinterest: 514 (Beg)   530 (Goal)  580 (End)
Facebook was the only channel I didn’t meet the goal, oh well I’m happy with my progress.

Those were my goals for the month. I wanted to keep it bare so I had no trouble achieving them. I say it was a successful month!! It’s only the 1st of May and I’m already on my way to achieving new goals. So, come back at the end of the month for May’s recap!! Hope you’re having a great Sunday!

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